A revolutionary New Standard in Operating Comfort and Imaging Efficiency The OLYMPUS BX 43/46/53/63 series defines a revolutionary New Standard in Laboratory and clinical microscopy. Ergonomic design can provide enhanced operator comfort during long hours of use , with an intuitive control layout for fast , efficient observation and imaging.

The BX63 is completely motorized and is uniquely focused via the nosepiece rather than stage, enabling the stage to be fixed making it more stable. The motorized stage is also a new feature and is driven by advanced, high-precision, ultrasonic Piezo technology, providing silent, smooth and extremely precise operation. The stage can even be positioned by hand enabling rapid gross sample alignment while highly accurate encoders continuously read-out the X and Y position. The excellent encoding enables the user to set precise coordinates and navigate directly to them at high speed. 

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New Item Name

New IX73
The IX73 inverted microscope system sets new standards in advanced live cell imaging with its stable compact frame, outstanding optical performance and maximum flexibility. Manual encoded or semi-motorised options enable configurations with a variety of component combinations. The IX73 is available as a one-deck system with ergonomic low stage height..
The fully motorised and automated IX83 is the most advanced member of the IX3 series of imaging systems for life science researchers and offers a new level of usability and application flexibility. Choose from the one-deck system with ergonomic low stage height or the two-deck system with additional expansion capabilities