Life Science Microscopy

Make new life science discoveries with Olympus microscopes by offering a wide range of microscopes to suit your needs from education, rapid sample screening to sophisticated live cell analysis.

1) All- in- One Microscopes Fluoview FV10i
2) All-in-One Microscopes FSX100
3) Upright Microscopes-BX2WI Series BX51WI and BX61WI
4) Confocal Microscopes FV1000, FV1000MPE, DSU, Optigrid M
5) Inverted Microscopes CKX Series CKX31 and CKX41
6) Inverted Microscopes IX Series IX53, IX73 and IX83
7) MacroView MVX10
8) Stereo Microscope SZ2 Series SZX7, SZ51, SZ61
9) Stereo Microscope SZX2 Series SZX10, SZX16
10) Light Sources Equipments Series KL300, KL1600, KL2500, VisiLED
11) Upright Microscopes BX3 Series BX43, BX46, BX53, BX63
12) Upright Microscopes CX2 series CX23LED, CX31, CX41

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