Material Science Microscopy

Use Olympus microscopes to help your next innovation in materials sciences by enabl pioneering research and routine applications in materials science. We offer a wide range of microscopes and accessories for observing surfaces and analysing new materials and nanoparticles.

1) Upright Microscopes BX2M Series BXFM, BX41M, BX51M, BX61M
2) Inverted Microscopes GX Series GX41, GX51, GX71
3) Upright Microscopes MX2 series MX51,MX61
4) Stereo Microscope SZ2 Series SZX7, SZ51, SZ61
5) Stereo Microscope SZX2 Series SZX10, SZX16
6) Light Sources Equipments Series KL300, KL1600, KL2500, VisiLED

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